Newnix's Forge

This is where I work on some coding projects, they may or may not eventually be moved to a separate repo of their own, depending on complexity and size.
The primary goal with this repo is simply education, learning how to build things with various languages.
Unless otherwise stated, all code in this repo is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License, basically meaning you can take this code and use it for whatever you want, but you can't sue me if it doesn't work, and you can't say that you wrote it.
I'd rather you not make something proprietary with what I write because I don't like proprietary software, but I'm not going to tell you how to run your life (like some other licenses).

Actual Code

lang[0] = C; /* My C projects, current favorite language */
lang[1] = C++; /* C++ projects, mostly school assignments */
lang[2] = ASM; /* AMD64 Assembly */
lang[3] = Rust; /* Rust, very interested in this language */
lang[4] = Haskell; /* Getting the basics of Functional Programming */
lang[5] = Sysutil; /* System Utilities (usually shell scripts) */
lang[6] = Bash; /* Bash scripts */
lang[7] = Python; /* Experiments in Python */
lang[8] = Go; /* Golang, mostly tutorial programs at this point */
lang[9] = License; /* The actual License for my code */

Repo Info

While I plan on having this repo mirrored and available through multiple DVCS-es, (e.g. git, mercurial, maybe bzr) it's currently only a darcs repo.
To obtain a copy for yourself, use the command:

	/* Currently out of commission */
	darcs clone ${destdir}
	/* Git repo is kept up-to-date at this time though */
	git clone ${destdir}