Newnix's Collection

This is my current (or at least, as current as possible) list of podcast subscriptions, you should find a nice mix of science, technology, history, comedy, stories, and sometimes a bit of political discussion in this list.
I highly recommend listening to them at 2x speed or higher to get through them a bit faster without missing out on the content. Since this is an obviously terrible way to add any podcasts you think you'd enjoy to your collection, there's an OPML available that you can put in your favorite podcatcher/RSS reader.

Fair warning to anyone importing this file: There's 2.1 years of audio and counting inside, so it's unlikely you'll get bored soon.
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Side note: there's several political/news shows from a few different perspectives, I like hearing what different people have to say about the same issue(s). They do not necessarily align with my own beliefs, as I have no interest in only reinforcing my own beliefs and opinions.

  1. 1A [Website] [Feed]
  2. 99% Invisible [Website] [Feed]
  3. A History of the United States [Website] [Feed]
  4. A New Winter: Cults & Culture [Website] [Feed]
  5. A Very Fatal Murder [Feed]
  6. Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities [Website] [Feed]
  7. Advanced Persistent Security [Website] [Feed]
  8. Almighty Psyche [Website] [Feed]
  9. Always Open [Website] [Feed]
  10. American History Tellers [Website] [Feed]
  11. American Innovations [Website] [Feed]
  12. Anna Faris Is Unqualified [Website] [Feed]
  13. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard [Website] [Feed]
  14. Arrested DevOps [Website] [Feed]
  15. Ask Noah Show [Website] [Feed]
  16. Astonishing Legends [Website] [Feed]
  17. Bad Voltage [Website] [Feed]
  18. Base.cs Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  19. Beers with Talos Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  20. Bizarre States [Website] [Feed]
  21. Black Clock Audio Tales: Audio Books, Science Fiction, Folklore, Gothic Literature, Classic Horror, Weird Fiction, Lovecraft & the Cthulhu Mythos [Website] [Feed]
  22. Blurry Photos [Website] [Feed]
  23. bohemican [Website] [Feed]
  24. Brakeing Down Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  25. BSD Now [Website] [Feed]
  26. Bunker Buddies [Website] [Feed]
  27. Caliphate [Website] [Feed]
  28. Call Her Daddy [Website] [Feed]
  29. Campfire Radio Theater [Website] [Feed]
  30. Choiceology with Katy Milkman [Website] [Feed]
  31. Choose Linux [Website] [Feed]
  32. CodeNewbie [Website] [Feed]
  33. Coder Radio [Website] [Feed]
  34. Coding Blocks [Website] [Feed]
  35. Command Line Heroes [Website] [Feed]
  36. Common Sense with Dan Carlin [Website] [Feed]
  37. Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights [Website] [Feed]
  38. Conspiracy Theories [Website] [Feed]
  39. Context with Brad Harris [Website] [Feed]
  40. Cortex [Website] [Feed]
  41. Court Appointed [Website] [Feed]
  42. Creepy [Website] [Feed]
  43. Critical Hit: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign [Website] [Feed]
  44. Crooked Minis [Website] [Feed]
  45. Cthulhu & Friends [Website] [Feed]
  46. CTO Think [Website] [Feed]
  47. Cults [Website] [Feed]
  48. Curiosity Daily [Website] [Feed]
  49. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History [Website] [Feed]
  50. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Addendum [Website] [Feed]
  51. Danglin' After Dark with Dick Dangle [Website] [Feed]
  52. Darknet Diaries [Website] [Feed]
  53. Data – Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  54. Defensive Security Podcast - Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec [Website] [Feed]
  55. Destination Linux [Website] [Feed]
  56. Developer Tea [Website] [Feed]
  57. DevelopSec: Developing Security Awareness [Website] [Feed]
  58. DevSecOps Podcast Series [Website] [Feed]
  59. Don't Read The Latin [Website] [Feed]
  60. Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  61. Dr. Death [Website] [Feed]
  62. Eaten By A Grue: Infocom, Text Adventures, and Interactive Fiction [Website] [Feed]
  63. EconTalk [Website] [Feed]
  64. Embedded [Website] [Feed]
  65. Everyday Einstein's Quick and Dirty Tips for Making Sense of Science [Website] [Feed]
  66. Expanded Perspectives [Website] [Feed]
  67. Exploring Information Security - Timothy De Block [Website] [Feed]
  68. Explosomagico [Website] [Feed]
  69. Female Criminals [Website] [Feed]
  70. FLOSS Weekly (MP3) [Website] [Feed]
  71. Footnoting History [Website] [Feed]
  72. Freakonomics Radio [Website] [Feed]
  73. Fresh Air [Website] [Feed]
  74. From the Desk of Glen [Website] [Feed]
  75. Functional Geekery [Website] [Feed]
  76. Garbage [Website] [Feed]
  77. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness [Website] [Feed]
  78. Giants of History [Website] [Feed]
  79. Glitch Please [Website] [Feed]
  80. GONE [Website] [Feed]
  81. Good Morning Night Vale [Website] [Feed]
  82. Greetings Adventurers - Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual Play [Website] [Feed]
  83. Grumpy Old Geeks [Website] [Feed]
  84. H3 Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  85. Hackable? [Website] [Feed]
  86. Hacker Dialogues [Website] [Feed]
  87. Hacker Public Radio [Website] [Feed]
  88. Hackers – Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  89. Hanselminutes - Fresh Talk and Tech for Developers [Website] [Feed]
  90. Happy Face [Website] [Feed]
  91. Haunted Places [Website] [Feed]
  92. Heaven's Gate [Website] [Feed]
  93. Heavyweight [Website] [Feed]
  94. Hello Internet [Website] [Feed]
  95. Hidden Brain [Website] [Feed]
  96. Historical Blindness [Website] [Feed]
  97. Historical Figures [Website] [Feed]
  98. History Goes Bump Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  99. History of Alchemy Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  100. History of Christianity [Website] [Feed]
  101. History of Germany Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  102. History of Japan [Website] [Feed]
  103. History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps [Website] [Feed]
  104. History of Pirates Podcast » Podcast Feed [Website] [Feed]
  105. History on Fire [Website] [Feed]
  106. History Unplugged Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  107. Honey Badger Radio [Website] [Feed]
  108. Horror Hangout | Two Bearded Film Fans Watch The 50 Best Horror Movies Ever! [Website] [Feed]
  109. How It Began: A History of the Modern World [Website] [Feed]
  110. Hysteria 51 [Website] [Feed]
  111. ID10T with Chris Hardwick [Website] [Feed]
  112. In-Security [Website] [Feed]
  113. Inside The Exorcist [Website] [Feed]
  114. iNTO THE FRAY RADIO - An Encounter with the Abyss that is the Paranormal [Website] [Feed]
  115. Invisibilia [Website] [Feed]
  116. Inward Empire [Website] [Feed]
  117. IRL - Online Life Is Real Life [Website] [Feed]
  118. Iroquois History and Legends [Website] [Feed]
  119. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It [Website] [Feed]
  120. Jeff and Casey Show Episodes [Website] [Feed]
  121. Jimquisition [Website] [Feed]
  122. Jocko Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  123. Jordan, Jesse GO! [Website] [Feed]
  124. Judge John Hodgman [Website] [Feed]
  125. Jupiter Extras [Website] [Feed]
  126. Just A Story: Urban Legend Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  127. Kernel Panic [Website] [Feed]
  128. Last Podcast On The Left [Website] [Feed]
  129. Late Night Linux [Website] [Feed]
  130. Late Night Linux Extra [Website] [Feed]
  131. Learn to Code With Me [Website] [Feed]
  132. Legal Wars [Website] [Feed]
  133. Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  134. Linux Action News [Website] [Feed]
  135. Linux Headlines [Website] [Feed]
  136. Linux in the Ham Shack (MP3 Feed) [Website] [Feed]
  137. LINUX Unplugged [Website] [Feed]
  138. Liquidmatrix Security Digest Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  139. LOLJK [Website] [Feed]
  140. Lore [Website] [Feed]
  141. Louder With Crowder [Website] [Feed]
  142. Making Sense with Sam Harris [Website] [Feed]
  143. Malicious Life [Website] [Feed]
  144. Mastering Embedded Systems [Website] [Feed]
  145. Merge Conflict [Website] [Feed]
  146. ModChat [Website] [Feed]
  147. Monsters Among Us Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  148. Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  149. My Brother, My Brother And Me [Website] [Feed]
  150. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark [Website] [Feed]
  151. My History Can Beat Up Your Politics [Website] [Feed]
  152. Nature Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  153. New Rustacean [Website] [Feed]
  154. Nighttime [Website] [Feed]
  155. No Agenda [Website] [Feed]
  156. No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Serial Fiction Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  157. Nocturne [Website] [Feed]
  158. O'Reilly Bots Podcast - O'Reilly Media Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  159. O'Reilly Data Show - O'Reilly Media Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  160. O'Reilly Design Podcast - O'Reilly Media Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  161. O'Reilly Programming Podcast - O'Reilly Media Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  162. O'Reilly Security Podcast - O'Reilly Media Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  163. Off The Hook [Website] [Feed]
  164. OGG – mintCast [Website] [Feed]
  165. Oh No Ross and Carrie [Website] [Feed]
  166. omega tau - science & engineering [English only] [Website] [Feed]
  167. Open Source Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  168. Open Source – Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  169. Orthogonal [Website] [Feed]
  170. Our Fake History [Website] [Feed]
  171. Packet Pushers - Briefings In Brief [Website] [Feed]
  172. Packet Pushers - Community Show [Website] [Feed]
  173. Packet Pushers - Datanauts [Website] [Feed]
  174. Packet Pushers - Full Stack Journey [Website] [Feed]
  175. Packet Pushers - Heavy Networking [Website] [Feed]
  176. Packet Pushers - Network Break [Website] [Feed]
  177. Packet Pushers - Priority Queue [Website] [Feed]
  178. Paul's Security Weekly [Website] [Feed]
  179. People's Democratic Republic of Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  180. Philosophize This! [Website] [Feed]
  181. Planet Money [Website] [Feed]
  182. Player One Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  183. Pleasing Terrors [Website] [Feed]
  184. Pod Save America [Website] [Feed]
  185. podcast – Iron Sysadmin Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  186. Podcasts – Threatpost [Website] [Feed]
  187. Pop Culture Happy Hour [Website] [Feed]
  188. Professionally Evil Perspective [Website] [Feed]
  189. Professor Messer's Security+ Study Group [Website] [Feed]
  190. Programming Throwdown [Website] [Feed]
  191. Proof [Website] [Feed]
  192. Purple Squad Security [Website] [Feed]
  193. Queens of NC-17 [Website] [Feed]
  194. Radiolab [Website] [Feed]
  195. Radiolab Presents: More Perfect [Website] [Feed]
  196. RazorWire [Website] [Feed]
  197. Real Lithuanian Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  198. Recorded Future - Inside Threat Intelligence for Cyber Security [Website] [Feed]
  199. Reply All [Website] [Feed]
  200. Request For Commits [Website] [Feed]
  201. Request For Explanation [Website] [Feed]
  202. Respect Our Authoritah! – A SOUTH PARK Podcast by Wisecrack [Website] [Feed]
  203. Revisionist History [Website] [Feed]
  204. Ridiculous History [Website] [Feed]
  205. RISCY BUSINESS [Website] [Feed]
  206. RISK! [Website] [Feed]
  207. Risky Business [Website] [Feed]
  208. Rooster Teeth Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  209. Rumor Flies [Website] [Feed]
  210. SABLE [Website] [Feed]
  211. Safe For Work [Website] [Feed]
  212. SANS Internet Stormcenter Daily Network/Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast [Website] [Feed]
  213. Savor [Website] [Feed]
  214. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine [Website] [Feed]
  215. Science Magazine Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  216. Science Solved It [Website] [Feed]
  217. Science Vs [Website] [Feed]
  218. SCP Reel to Reel [Website] [Feed]
  219. Secret Transmission Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  220. Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape [Website] [Feed]
  221. Security Current podcast - for IT security, networking, risk, compliance and privacy professionals [Website] [Feed]
  222. Security Intelligence Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  223. Security Through Education [Website] [Feed]
  224. Security – Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  225. Self-Hosted [Website] [Feed]
  226. Serial Killers [Website] [Feed]
  227. Shmanners [Website] [Feed]
  228. ShopTalk » Podcast Feed [Website] [Feed]
  229. Show Me The Meaning! – A Wisecrack Movie Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  230. Sidenote [Website] [Feed]
  231. SinCast - Presented by CinemaSins [Website] [Feed]
  232. Singing Bones [Website] [Feed]
  233. Skald [Website] [Feed]
  234. Slow Russian [Website] [Feed]
  235. Smashing Security [Website] [Feed]
  236. Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked [Website] [Feed]
  237. Software Architecture Radio [Website] [Feed]
  238. Software Defined Talk [Website] [Feed]
  239. Software Engineering Daily [Website] [Feed]
  240. Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers [Website] [Feed]
  241. Software Process and Measurement Cast [Website] [Feed]
  242. Sold In America [Website] [Feed]
  243. Something You Should Know [Website] [Feed]
  244. Somewhere in the Skies [Website] [Feed]
  245. Source Code Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  246. Speaking Russian [Website] [Feed]
  247. Still Buffering [Website] [Feed]
  248. Strange Matters Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  249. Stuff To Blow Your Mind [Website] [Feed]
  250. StupidLand [Website] [Feed]
  251. Sunday School Dropouts [Website] [Feed]
  252. Superego [Website] [Feed]
  253. Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats [Website] [Feed]
  254. Sysadministrivia [Website] [Feed]
  255. Take Up Code [Website] [Feed]
  256. Tales [Website] [Feed]
  257. Talking Machines [Website] [Feed]
  258. Tech Talk Today [Website] [Feed]
  259. TechSNAP [Website] [Feed]
  260. The Adventure Zone [Website] [Feed]
  261. The Allusionist [Website] [Feed]
  262. The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  263. The Andrew Klavan Show [Website] [Feed]
  264. The Anthropocene Reviewed [Website] [Feed]
  265. The Baddest Ass [Website] [Feed]
  266. The Ben Shapiro Show [Website] [Feed]
  267. The Bright Sessions [Website] [Feed]
  268. The Brion McClanahan Show [Website] [Feed]
  269. The British History Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  270. The Caveman Mafia Podcast Network [Website] [Feed]
  271. The Changelog [Website] [Feed]
  272. The Command Line Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  273. The Complete HP Lovecraft Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  274. The Conspirators Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  275. The CyberWire [Website] [Feed]
  276. The Cynical Developer [Website] [Feed]
  277. The Dana Show with Dana Loesch [Website] [Feed]
  278. The Dangerous History Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  279. The Dork Forest [Website] [Feed]
  280. The Dream [Website] [Feed]
  281. The Eastern Border [Website] [Feed]
  282. The Flop House [Website] [Feed]
  283. The freeCodeCamp Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  284. The Generation Why Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  285. The Glenn Beck Program [Website] [Feed]
  286. The Good News Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  287. The Grimerica Show [Website] [Feed]
  288. The H.P Lovecraft Literary Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  289. The Hacker Noon Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  290. The Hardware Asylum Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  291. The Hardware Entrepreneur [Website] [Feed]
  292. The Haskell Cast [Website] [Feed]
  293. The History Chicks [Website] [Feed]
  294. The History of China [Website] [Feed]
  295. The History of Egypt Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  296. The History of England [Website] [Feed]
  297. The History of English Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  298. The Indicator from Planet Money [Website] [Feed]
  299. The Indie Hackers Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  300. The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon [Website] [Feed]
  301. The Joe Rogan Experience [Website] [Feed]
  302. The Lift, an Audio Drama [Website] [Feed]
  303. The Mad Scientist Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  304. The Martyrmade Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  305. The Michael Knowles Show [Website] [Feed]
  306. The New Stack Context [Website] [Feed]
  307. The NoSleep Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  308. The Numberphile Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  309. The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories [Website] [Feed]
  310. The PARANOIA Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  311. The Paranoid Strain [Website] [Feed]
  312. The Podcast History Of Our World [Website] [Feed]
  313. The Podcast of Doom [Website] [Feed]
  314. The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show [Website] [Feed]
  315. The Schmidt Show [Website] [Feed]
  316. The Secret Cabinet [Website] [Feed]
  317. The Security Ledger Podcasts [Website] [Feed]
  318. The Shared Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  319. The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw [Website] [Feed]
  320. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe [Website] [Feed]
  321. The Southern Fried Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  322. The Story Studio | Self-Publishing, Independent Art, and the Future of Storytelling [Website] [Feed]
  323. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Treasury [Website] [Feed]
  324. The Truth [Website] [Feed]
  325. The Wicked Library [Website] [Feed]
  326. This is War [Website] [Feed]
  327. This Podcast Will Kill You [Website] [Feed]
  328. This Week in Computer Hardware (MP3) [Website] [Feed]
  329. This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  330. Those Conspiracy Guys [Website] [Feed]
  331. Tides of History [Website] [Feed]
  332. Trends Like These [Website] [Feed]
  333. True Crime Garage [Website] [Feed]
  334. Twilight Histories [Website] [Feed]
  335. TwistedPhilly [Website] [Feed]
  336. Ubuntu Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  337. Ubuntu Security Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  338. Undiscovered [Website] [Feed]
  339. Unexplained [Website] [Feed]
  340. Unexplained Mysteries [Website] [Feed]
  341. Unfilter [Website] [Feed]
  342. Unobscured [Website] [Feed]
  343. Unprofessional Engineering [Website] [Feed]
  344. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories [Website] [Feed]
  345. Useless Information Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  346. User Error [Website] [Feed]
  347. Voices From The Ages [Website] [Feed]
  348. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! [Website] [Feed]
  349. WARTIME: A History Series [Website] [Feed]
  350. WASD [Website] [Feed]
  351. We Got This with Mark and Hal [Website] [Feed]
  352. Welcome to Night Vale [Website] [Feed]
  353. Why We Eat What We Eat [Website] [Feed]
  354. Wisecrack's THE SQUANCH: A Rick & Morty Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  355. WTF is CryptoSpace [Website] [Feed]
  356. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  357. X Minus One Podcast [Website] [Feed]
  358. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes [Website] [Feed]
  359. Zeng This [Website] [Feed]