Exile Heavy Industries: Development Blog

What is this?

This is a place where I can provide more insight into what I'm doing and what I've learned while working on the tools for Exile Heavy Industries and my employers (to the extent that I'm able). It's going to be a bit of a conversational format, similar to the other articles on this site, though this could be more in the weeds regarding the details of every decision, like why I'm using integers of a certain size, whether or not I think it's worthwhile to use the register keyword, ordering of loops and conditionals, database layout, and so on.
I make no claims to be an expert in any field, but I try to read up on relevant documentation before making concrete statements. I welcome feedback on these articles if you have it, the best way to reach out to me is currently through IRC, I'm newnix just about anywhere other than geekshed. If in the future, other developers post articles here, they'll have their own article arrays.

		devel[0000] = IP_Addresses; /* Some notes on my first useful utility */
		devel[0001] = nxenv; /* Notes on my env(1) replacement */
		devel[0002] = Directories; /* ls(1) is surprisingly complex */
		devel[0003] = XML_data; /* "Pretty-Printing" XML files, saving data at the same time */
		devel[0004] = SQLITE_RETURNS; /* Learning how to pull data out of a SQLite3 database */