The GPL has no place here

I'm sure this stance will make several copyleft people upset, but I don't care. Exile Heavy Industries is much more concerned with personal freedoms than whether or not they're the appropriate types of freedom. It is our official stance that free software should put as few restrictions on downstream developers as possible, while still making it clear that it is our code being used. As such, the BSD-3 license is considered ideal, wherin the clauses are as such (paraphrased):

Pretty simple, right? Do what you want with it, though we discourage proprietary downstream works, we do not feel it is our right to prevent you from doing so. We only ask that if you find something we wrote to be useful, you assist us in some way, from promoting our code for the uses you found useful, to code contributions, hardware donations, or monetary aid.
In contrast, most if not all forms of the GPL will require your work to be released under the same license, and that sort of compulsion is unacceptable. As such, no patches will ever be accepted into an Exile Heavy Industries project with a more restrictive license than the BSD 3 clause license, nor will any project allow a GPL dependency or toolchain to be necessary for proper functionality.