Exile Heavy Industries

      topics[00] = Projects;      /* The things we work on here */
      topics[01] = Code;          /* Links to code */
      topics[02] = Business;      /* Pages about the business itself */
      topics[03] = Blog;          /* General news, information, and musings */
      topics[04] = Hardware;      /* Hardware vendors, collection, and more */
      topics[05] = About;         /* Who we are */
      topics[06] = Entertainment; /* Some stuff we enjoy and you might too */
      topics[07] = Development;   /* Notes on writing programs and scripts to do various things. Probably easier than reading commit history */
      topics[FF] = Mastodon;      /* Alternate availability of status.linuxrocks.online in case of DNS issues */

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Design Notes

The site intentionally only uses HTML and CSS, and I am not a web designer or web developer. Please excuse any odd layouts as I'm working out the intended look and feel. The intended design is to resemble the feeling of using a terminal, and as such is themed after my own terminal configuration. If desired, there are several methods that allow you to replace my CSS it's a fairly simple file, and is located here. Most browsers will allow selection of the alternate CSS stylesheets; for now, only NXTerm and NOCSS exist, the latter essentially disabling CSS entirely. Additionally, there are browser plug-ins that will allow you to use your own CSS sheets if you have your own preferred theming.